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Product Description

Taiwan made high-quality pine sand, used by the cat lovers are good to use.

‧ Absorbent and strong traditional cat litter is 2-3 times better than the major brands.
Made of pure pine, light natural pine fragrance, good deodorization effect.
100% environmentally friendly and non-toxic, no harmful chemical ingredients added.
Fully disintegrated into powder to keep the cattub clean and fresh.
It's very convenient to clean. It can be washed into the toilet after disintegration, or used as organic fertilizer such as flowers, plants and trees.
‧ Using 5L small package, light and easy do not worry about damp metamorphism.

Product Feature

Product Specification
Chi Yen Shan
Specification Model Items
Pine Pellets- 5L 441021 Mince
441038 Ground
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