Natural Balance and Healthy Pet Food / Pet Supplies


Global-Pets specialized in holistic healthy food and supplies for various pets, including dogs, cats, fish, guinea pigs, hamsters, and birds. Our pet food contains all natural balance ingredients that makes your pets keep in peak condition on each life stage. For further details, please browse our website or contact us online!

  • Dog

    The Dog Food, Dog Supplies, you can find that including the dry&wet dog/puppy food, snack, toy, cage, bowl, pet shampoo, rope…. The dog is our best family and we need to provide the healthiest and safeties food for them. All of our prime dog foods and cans are made in Taiwan and have a variety of flavors for you. Otherwise, we also offer the dog treat and toy to satisfy with the dog.

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  • Cat

    Cute cats are always touching our hearts, Global-Pets provides a variety of high quality cat supplies, the food has not only all kinds of flavors but plenty nourishing. In addition, the cat litters and shovels can make neat pet owner and cat easy to use, and they don’t need to worry about the problem of clean. We also sell the cat toy-cat teaser and other cat supplies-cat collar, cage for your reference.

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  • Little Animals

    Here shows small animal supplies for guinea pigs, hamsters, and rabbits. Firstly, we offer food and diet which are rich in natural ingredients for general health and immune support. Secondly, our pine shavings are soft and fluffy, they can help eliminate dust and control odors. Finally, you can find other accessories including water bottles, wheels, and houses. Water bottle has 120ml capacity, moreover, they are easy to install, fill, and clean.

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  • Bird

    Global-Pets offers plenty of pet bird supplies and accessories. Our bird cages have functional features for easy cleaning, designed to encourage exercise and activity; bird food has authentic nutrition including alga, yolk for domesticated birds; plastic feeding bowl and waterer can be hanging on the cage. Please browse our website for further details!

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  • Fish

    You can see a variety of fish aquarium supplies and accessories below. First and foremost, our fish food is nutritionally complete and highly digestible; it can help boost fish’s immune system function. Besides, we offer glass tanks and related stuff such as power filters, air pumps that are quick and easy installation and guard for superb water quality.

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