Wholesale Dog Food / Supplies

Global-Pets, one of the leading pet food manufacturers and suppliers in Taiwan, offers you various wholesale dog food / accessories. Our dry food and canned food contain abundant amino acid and essential vitamins that can supports healthy muscles, skins, bones, and teeth; healthy snacks can promote healthy teeth and gums. See more dog supplies on our website!

  • Dried Food
  • Canned Food
  • Dog Leash
  • Treat
  • Basket Muzzle & Toys
  • Crate
  • Pet Shampoo
  • Waterers & Bowl

Dried Food

• Hundred percent complete and balanced nutrition dog food, dog meet growing needs.
• Contains a rich variety of amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids and full of vitamins and minerals, so the dog physically strong, shiny coat .
• Balanced ratio of calcium and phosphorus in the bones and teeth stronger.
• Good palatability, digestible and absorbed, less defecation.
• Made in Taiwan.

Canned Food

• The high-protein nutritional formula, carefully selected natural ingredients, providing vitamins and minerals, improve physical function, strengthen the immune system.
• High-quality protein so that the muscles are not strong puffiness.
• Rich in calcium to strengthen teeth and bones, and promote the healthy development of the dog.
• Add visceral increase palatability for picky dog modulation delicious taste.
•Made in Taiwan

Dog Leash

Do you want to look for the leash for your dog? We provide dogs with a wide variety of leashes. E.g. dog collar, harness, circle leash, plastic collar, P.P. leash, painted collar, cowhide collar


Looking for pet cookie recipes?
Global-pets have more than 30 kinds of your pet’s favorite dog treats. You’ll find the Bones, Duo tone bones, Milk bones, Plain bun, Cookie, Mouth mask, and much more.
Made in Taiwan

Basket Muzzle & Toys

Have your dog ever bite the people when seeing the veterinary or when you are walking the dog? You need the Basket Muzzle; you can find not only the plastic basket muzzle but also the adjustable basket muzzle in our website.

And are you looking for toys for your dogs? Global-pets provides your dogs with the different sizes of toys.


Global-Pets’ Dog Kennels, Crates and Carriers provide a safe and comfortable environment that your dog will be settled into at home or away.

Pet Shampoo

The summer is coming; the season of playing on the grass is also coming.
To avoid your pet and family suffering from the flea and bug, washing them is necessary.
We provide variety of the pet shampoo for your pet.

Waterers & Bowl

Global-pets offers the Feeders & waterier & bowl those are easily installed and use to change the cleaner water for your pets. Made in Taiwan