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Product Description

We are a professional fish feed supplier. Our fish feed is suitable for the nutritional needs of aquarium ornamental fish. It is healthy, colorful, dynamic and balanced. It can strengthen immunity and meet the needs of fish at one time. It can effectively provide nutrients, make love fish grow healthy and perfect.

Product Specification
Color Enhancer 610007 120g
610045 280g
Staple - Flowerhorn, Tropical Fish 610151 90g
610168 240g
610175 90g
610038 250g
610014 120g
610052 280g
Staple - Poecilia Reticulata, Aplocheilichthys Normani 610137 30g
610267 100g
621676 250ml
Koi Food 610144 90g
610021 250g
610243 1kg
610250 5kg
Stream Fish Food 610182 350g
610199 600g
Super Red 610205 300g
610212 600g
610229 280g
610236 550g
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