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Product Description

Mepet -MEDIUM & LARGE BREED-Chicken & Salmon Fruits and vegetables Recipe conforms to AAFCO nutrition advice, suit dogs for all life stages – puppy, adult dog, and breeding dog.

●Balanced proteins & fats to support an active lifestyle.
●Added fruits and vegetables, rich in natural antioxidants and dietary fiber.
●Add L-carnitine to burning calories.
●Add taurine support heart health.
●Omega oils to promote skin & coat health.
●Pre & probiotics to aid with digestive health.
●Antioxidants to support increased immunity.
●Contains 1.3, 1.6-beta-glucans to help enhance natural defenses.
●15 kg Economy discount package.

Product Feature

Mepet mother / Baby fruits and vegetables recipe is rich in nutrients. DHA and EPA can help brain development, balance the ratio of calcium and phosphorus, help bones and teeth to be strong and palatable, and make puppies and pregnant dogs easy to chew and digest.


Product Specification


(Weight 30kg or MORE)


Mother / Baby - Pregnant nursing-15 kg

(Diameter about 0.4-0.5cm)

207009 Chicken & Salmon Fruits and vegetables Recipe

Puppy-15 kg

(Diameter about 0.4-0.5cm)

207016 Chicken & Salmon Fruits and vegetables Recipe

Adult-15 kg

(Diameter about 0.8cm)

207023 Chicken & Salmon Fruits and vegetables Recipe
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