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Product Description

●No artificial flavor added
●100% complete and balanced nutrition dog food to meet the needs of dog growth.
●Rich in amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, it can make your dog strong and lustrous.
●Balanced calcium phosphorus ratio makes bones and teeth stronger.
●Good appetite, easy digestion and absorption, small amount of defecation and easy removal.


Product Feature

Product Specification
Chiau Duo

3.5 kg

(Diameter about 0.8cm)

200048 Beef Flavor
200055 Chicken Flavor
200062 Keep muscles strong
200079 For skin and coat health

15 kg

(Diameter about 0.8cm)

200024 Beef Flaver
200031 Chicken Flavor

18 kg

(Diameter about 0.8cm)

100300 Beef Flaver


Chiau Duo  Adult 18

10 kg

(Diameter about 0.8cm)

Beef Flaver


Chiau Duo Puppy

10 kg

(Diameter about 0.6cm)

200093 Beef Flaver


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