Pet Lover

Product Description

Nutrition Dry Cat Food Recommendation!
Pet Lover Cat Dry Food contains a lot of high-quality animal protein. We provide all kinds of cat food, which is extracted from natural ingredients. It is made of a variety of deep-sea fish and meat. It has high palatability and is popular with cats.


●A healthy assortment of fresh deep-sea fish to keep cats fit and strong.

●Omega-3 & omega-6 to keep the skin healthy and the hair beautiful.

●Rich dietary fiber helps to maintain digestive tract function and remove hair and fouling.

●Vitamins and minerals nourish the body and increase energy.

●Taurine and lutein protect the eyes.

●Cranberry extract for urinary tract health.

●Yucca extract reduces urine and fecal smell.



Product Feature

Product Specification
Pet Lover dry cat food for 1-7 years old-Adult
Specification Model Items
Adult - 1.5kg 400103 Multiple fish species(Tuna & Salmon & Cod flavor)
400097 Tuna & Salmon & Chicken

Adult - 9kg

400035 Seafood Platter
400042 Tuna & Salmon & Chicken
Adult - 20kg 203124 Seafood Platter


Pet Lover-for Kitten & Pregnant
Specification Model Items
Kitten & Pregnant - 1.36kg 400080 Tuna & Shirasu
Kitten - 9kg 400059 Tuna & Shirasu


Pet Lover dry cat food for over 7 years old-Senior
Specification Model Items
Senior - 1.36kg 400110 Tuna & Salmon & Chicken


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