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Feline lower urinary tract disease is a common health problem for cats, and it tends to be very worrisome for the pet owner. When a cat is suffering from a bacterial infection or imbalance in the PH of the urine, two crystal stones can easily develop and block the small urethra. This is especially prevalent in male cats. The stones could be a buildup of magnesium amine phosphate (commonly known as struvite) or calcium oxalate.
Hoyden dry cat food -Urinary Tract Care + Hair Ball Control Formula.
For male cat, female cat, and adult cat.

Product Feature

Product Specification


Specification Model Items
Special Formula for Female Cat - 1.36kg 401049 Urinary Tract Care & Hair Ball Control -Tuna & salmon & chicken
Special Formula for Male Cat - 1.36kg 401001 Urinary Tract Care & Hair Ball Control-Tuna & salmon & chicken
Kitten & pregnancy & lactation cat - 1.36kg 401018 Tuna & salmon & chicken


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