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The roots keeps Taiwan, Continous operation, Marketing internationalization

The operating philosophy and the Company to technology as the continuing develop the better products will enhance the quality to an premium level, and will push the product into the international line. On the customer to instill the concept of also impact on the Company and in the system of product quality control itself tube, the more important thing is to set an efficient team, came to meet changes in ever-changing of customers.

The company's founding in pet food for 20 years and also believe that to successfully meet the interests of the two parties for the largest is the methodology will be quality, technology, services and integrity to the best. Also for there is it that thou hast quality self required, the company will develop its own staff, cultivate the excellence of talent, and is actively engaged in company quality management database is also more hope can be measured by its own manufacturing pet food's advantages to assist help the dog parks, the marketability of the Economic and Social Council and is the building of a better future.